We have been involved in the world of racing for a long time. DH is an exciting sport because of the complex technicalities and tactics, both from a riding and mechanical perspective. As competitors, we work to win, whether that involves prototype bikes, numerous tune-up sessions, a technical team at races… The World Cup circuit is an ideal laboratory for developing bikes and with six official teams and many independent riders, we make the most of it!

Our SUPREME DH platform continues to evolve. Its development centres around three main areas – more performance, more reliability and a global strategy to always move more up-market.
Since 2019, some of our guys and girls have been riding the SUPREME DH with 29/27 wheels. The results of this formula speak for themselves: Myriam Nicole has become World Champion twice (2019-2021) and won several World Cup rounds in 2021. Camille Balanche became World Champion in 2020. Amongst the men, Amaury Pierron and Thibaut Daprela have also won several World Cup rounds on-board this bike. Thibaut Daprela has also climbed onto the overall World Cup series podiums twice in his first two Elite seasons (2020 and 2021)!

It’s clear from the results of our pro teams and all our independent riders that the SUPREME DH has become a top leading DH race bike across the market. Its development this year again allowed many advances in terms of the frame:

– Having different sized wheels maintains the ability to clear things with the confidence offered by a 29-inch wheel on the front, but also to gain grip and manoeuvrability with a 27.5-inch wheel on the back.
– Increased overall stiffness for more precision and less energy loss.
– Position of the main pivot point and kinematics developed for more liveliness when pushing hard.
– A more linear kinematic which makes it possible to ride with less SAG without losing any comfort.
– Position of the jockey wheel is designed to maintain good chain tension, limit its effect on the suspension and increase efficiency when on the pedals.




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